We Make Wicked Ice Cream!

Here at Wicked Cream we produce the highest quality handmade gelato using top quality raw ingredients, according to strict standards.


No colouring, preservatives or additives

are used with only fresh in-season fruit, organic free range eggs, high quality whole milk, heavy cream and selections of the best ingredients from around the world including fair trade single origin coffee and cocoa.

Of course added to our freshly churned ice cream base you can always select a wicked twist for your dinner or special occasion with the popular Amarula, Frangelico or own handcrafted Limoncello.

Our production process is connected with the ideas of “Slow Food”, a global association founded in 1986 that promotes local and traditional foods as close as possible to our creamery. No matter in which city you are enjoying a fresh scoop, cup or bowl of our gelato, the taste and the quality should be universally be the same.

The idea is to apply a principle common to all the best restaurants in the world to the production of handmade gelato: the purchase of raw materials of absolute top quality. We believe in working with local growers where possible. We believe in using the best, freshest and ripest original fruits, berries and ingredients possible. Most of all, we believe in supporting local and global causes which support our reason for being ... so go on and eat a bowl of Gelato with conscience.